Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh, My Achin' Foot!

I hurt my foot the other day,
Now it's all black and blue.
It was because of something stupid
That I knew I shouldn't do.

I was working in the attic
Where it was nice and warm,
Stapling up some insulation
And doing no one harm.

When I came upon a place
Right beside the open door
Where the ladder came right up
From below there on the floor.

I placed a board across the opening,
Just a place on which to stand,
As I hung the insulation
On the wall that was at hand.

And as I was reaching upward
Just as high as I could see
The board I'd placed down under
Seemed no longer to hold me.

And I came crashing down
Where my foot hit on the ladder
While the rest of me fell farther
But, it could have been much badder

For as I was passing through
The hole from which I fell
Both arms caught chunks of lumber
And now don't feel too well.

I guess I should be thankful
For the ladder that was there
'Cause it cushioned me while falling
Through about eight feet of air.

But, now I have to fix it
'Cause I guess I'm gaining weight
And the place wheron I hit it
Is now in a broken state.

And my foot just keeps on hurting
Though the swelling has gone down
And I'm too cheap to get it checked
By the doctor here in town.

So, I guess I'll quit complainin'
And hope the pain just goes away
'Cause every time I do I hear,
"Go and get an X-ray!"