Friday, August 12, 2011

Miles and Miles

"I saw miles and miles of Texas...."

Yep, another day of driving.  From Canyon to Shreveport dragging a trailer at 60 mph.  It was a long day and still about 5 hours from our destination.

It was a nice, cool morning when we left.  Most of the day though, we saw the temperature hover between 103 and 106.  The northern part of Texas is dry.  I didn't see much in the way of green grass anywhere.  Oh, there were occasional spots where water had collected in a low spot that had enough moisture to be a little green, but, in general, it was bad even in East Texas.

There are burns all across the state.  In fact, this afternoon the traffic was backed up several miles on I-30 due to grass fires east of Longview.  They were fairly well contained to the roadside, but, if the wind had been blowing like it does in West Texas, a lot of timber would have gone up in smoke!  There were close to a dozen fire-fighting vehicles working to contain it.

I sure hope tomorrow is cooler since we will be unloading the trailer.  I guess a little sweat cleanses the pores.....


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