Saturday, April 23, 2011

Writing the Wind

My posts have been fewer than intended these past few weeks.  It is partly a matter of too much travel but, also because of the wind.  It seems the wind just won't stop in the Texas Panhandle this year.

Why is the wind preventing me from writing?  I guess because it is incessantly in my head and when I sit to write, all I can think to write about is the wind.  I don't want to write about the wind.  I want to write about something more cheery.

I guess I could write about my travel.  I have been traveling almost constantly since the first of the year.  I just looked back on my calendar to see where I'd been and it is crazy.  Here is a list of places I've been since the first of this year:

Belville, TX
Kakamega, Kenya (via London and Nairobi)
Nashville, TN
Pigeon Forge, TN
Denver, CO
Montgomery, AL
Columbus, NE
Hickory, NC
Nashville, TN (again)
Bowling Green, KY
Belleville, TX (again)
Lumberton, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Bowling Green, KY (again)
San Antonio, TX
Garden City, KS
Kenansville, NC
Harrisonburg, VA (via Washington, DC)
Garden City, KS (again)

Probably some other stops along the way that are hidden in the blur.  And April isn't even over yet!

I guess the advantage of all that travel is that I don't have to endure the wind every day like I would at home.  The travel is just me out there riding on the wind I suppose.  Even writing about my travel turns into being about the wind.

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