Thursday, April 14, 2011

From Bone-Dry to Beautiful via the Armpit

It is another day in which I will see a big chunk of the country from around 30,000 feet if there isn't much cloud cover.  The Amarillo area is a great place to live, but it seems that more and more it is a long way from where work takes me.  Fortunately it is central.

Today I'm headed east.  I dread the drive once I reach my destination airport because today I fly into Washington Reagan.  I do look forward to seeing the Virginia countryside though.  Last week in North Carolina the dogwoods were in full blossom.  I wonder if it will be the same in Virginia.....

I do know that it will be quite a contrast from the bone-dry, windswept, fire-blackened plains of West Texas.  It is time for the spring thunderstorms to start popping on the plains.  Usually by this time we will see them dancing along the horizon to the east of us late in the evenings.  I hope they are just late and that we are not experiencing a weather cycle such as the one that led to the Dust Bowl.

Who knows, I might even get to see rain while back east!

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