Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cell Phone School

I think it is amazing
How cellphone technology
Has become so complicated
For simple guys like me.

I use one in my business
Because of what it lets me do
Like answer e-mail on the go
And talk to people too.

But, I can also surf the web
And then pull up Google maps
To see where I am going
Or, where I've been perhaps.

I can even take some pictures
Of the things I do and see
And post them all to Facebook
Where friends guess where I might be.

There are lots of applications
I can get upon my cell
Like for making reservations
At a major chain hotel.

I get spreadsheets and reports
Every afternoon at three
That help me know what's going on
At the places I can't be.

There are icons on my phone
That are never even used
'Cause every time I go to them
I just get more confused.

I wonder what Ma Bell would think
To see what she has done
And how her simple invention
Now does everything under the sun.

I guess it's interesting,
And actually kind of cool,
They now teach you how to use the thing
At a special cell phone school!

1 comment:

Willy said...

Finally stepped into the smartphone age this last week. Record to date. I have missed calls because I have trouble getting it unlocked in time. I have every facebook friend and every twitter friend in my contacts rather than just the people I want because I haven't figured out how to unlink them. I have Apps to show me how to use Apps and I havent figured them out yet.

I guess you should be smarter than a cell phone to use a smart phone.

I love technology - really I do.