Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Traveling and Blogging

It seems the traveling season is peaking over the next few days -- then a short break.  I hope.  It is Omaha tonight and meetings here in Nebraska tomorrow.  Friday it's an early flight to Charlotte and a short drive to Hickory, NC, for the North Carolina Cattlemen's Convention.  Saturday afternoon I drive to Nashville and will spend a leisurely Sunday there.  Then on Monday it is the short drive to Bowling Green, KY, for the Mid-South Stocker Cattle Conference.  Tuesday night I return to Nashville and then fly home on Wednesday -- one week from today.

Packing for trips like this is a pain.  Fortunately, I don't have to include anything formal -- just jeans and shirts.  The cattle industry is good to us who prefer blue jeans to a suit -- or even to business casual.  I can wear jeans to nearly any event and be appropriately dressed.

I had the opportunity to work in an industry where a suit and tie were expected every day of the week.  In fact, I was working in that industry when the opportunity came along to do what I am doing today.  The company that I was with sold and the new owners expected us in the sales side of the business to wear a suit and tie every day.  I could have made a LOT of money if I had stayed in that business.  Money isn't everything though.  Along with the suit comes the people that you have to deal with in that business (notice that I haven't mentioned what industry it was).  I was happy to trade the big bucks and the suit for less bucks and blue jeans.  Especially when I considered the people.

The cattle industry has some of the best people in the world working in it.  I am fortunate to know many of them scattered across the country.  As I have stated in a previous blog post, there is no other industry where you could do hundreds of thousands of dollars of business over the telephone on trust alone.

Well, so much for the rambling thought tonight.  Stuck in a motel room in Omaha leaves one with little to do other than work or blog.  Hmmm....come to think of it, that's one of the reasons I took up blogging in the first place!