Friday, February 11, 2011


Sometimes I just get in one of those pensive moods.  I dive into my head and think about things a little bit farther toward the deep end of the pool.  You know, where you can barely touch the bottom if you're standing on the tips of your toes.

Today, I posted the following on Facebook.

"If Jesus came to give us life -- and not only that, He wants us to experience it in all its fullness -- why do we settle for mediocrity??"

Yeah, it seems a little strange to quote yourself, but, in the interest of accuracy, I am quoting my "status" on Facebook from earlier today.

Do you ever wonder what He meant  by experiencing life in all its fullness?  I do.

I think sometimes that it was a reference to the purely Spiritual.  At other times, I think He was referring to experiencing a small piece of the Kingdom of God while still on this earth.  Then, at times, I wonder if He meant something else altogether.

I guess that's where I was today when I posted that.  OK, I guess that's still where I am.  I think He meant something that has been lost in the jumbled thinking of today.

Perhaps it is that same jumbled thinking that makes me wonder about the concept of the fullness of life.  Maybe I'm pulling a little science fiction/fantasy into my thinking.  Or, maybe science fiction/fantasy, in one of its many manifestations, is drawing from a reality that we are only sometimes vaguely aware.

The Matrix, for example.  Does it touch on a reality that we somehow sense?  I don't mean literally that there is a world of machines that controls the human race -- what we think, do, say -- but, does it touch on the Spiritual aspect of our being?  Is there a duality to our nature?  Is there a Spiritual realm to which we are attached and yet only occasionally vaguely aware?

What if we could learn to more deeply touch the Spiritual?  I don't mean seances or talking to ghosts or something like that.  I mean truly getting in touch with LIFE -- that aspect of living to which Jesus referred.  Life Everlasting.  Eternity.  Our Spiritual being.

We are so trapped and therefore blinded by our physical self that we fail to nurture the Spiritual aspect of our being.  Only when we begin to feed the Spiritual self do we grow in that area.  Just thinking....

But, there is more to us than just the physical and the Spiritual.  There is also the mental and the emotional.  We are made up of four aspects to our nature.  Rare is the individual who is truly rounded in all of those aspects -- the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  What if we truly nurtured and fed all of those aspects of our being?  Could that be the "fullness of LIFE" that we should be experiencing but, don't?

Hmmmm....too far into the deep end for me.  I'd better return to the shallower water.  I might find something important if I keep going.....

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