Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Dust of Fall

Fall has been slowly making its presence known for some weeks now.  Perhaps football is the earliest harbinger of this season, but, cooler nights and turning leaves are the more official notices that summer is gone.

I enjoy the changing weather of Fall.  No longer is the heat oppressive -- although in the Texas Panhandle, the heat is almost never oppressive.

In past years Fall meant hunting.  It seems that opportunities for hunting are few and far between for me anymore.  I still enjoy it, I just don't have much chance to participate.

There is one aspect of Fall that I dislike intensely -- the dust and "beeswings" from the local grain elevators.  It is inescapable.  It makes my eyes itch.

I suppose I shouldn't complain though, it is a sign of harvest.  Producing food and fiber is what keeps our local economy humming when much of the country continues to suffer from a dependency on "higher level" industries which currently are struggling.

So, bring on the dust of Fall.

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