Saturday, June 26, 2010

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

We frequently hear celebrities on the "bandwagon" about some cause or the other.  They typically are poorly informed about their subject but believe themselves to be experts.  The article linked below is an exception.

I appreciate the fact that Costner put up $21 million of his own money to develop the system.  I wish him well as it is deployed.  It is a worthy use of some of that box-office cash he has raked in.

Now, if we could just get a few more of them investing their money intelligently instead of putting it in the hands of a bunch of lawyers under the guise of a benevolent charity such as HSUS (which is probably the worst wolf in sheep's clothing out there in my opinion).  They play on the heartstrings of gullible people with their appeal for money using images of pitiful dogs and cats that have been mistreated.  Less than 1% of their $100 million warchest has been spent on rescue efforts.  In fact, their stated goal is to eliminate animal agriculture in the United States.  They use deceptive practices to raise that money.  It mostly goes to advertising, lobbyists and for huge salaries for a handful of individuals.

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i beati said...

I'm fond of anyone doing something for all of mankind but have been alittle saddened at stars not helping this country which is in terrible shape- Seems George Clooney has fundraisers and lately Faith Hill and Husband but I'm proud Costner at least tried. hurricanes, flooding, fires, all these people need such care and now displaced without jobs-Faith sweet faith