Thursday, February 18, 2010


The challenge of a blog is that you sometimes fall into the rut of just typing nonsensical things -- whatever comes into your head -- just to maintain some consistency in posting.  Obviously that is how I am starting out tonight.  Until last night it had been far too long since my last post.  Now, I'm attempting to change that pattern -- the trouble is, I don't want to be disciplined about writing; I just want to "let it flow" and yet somehow turn out creative or profound.

I spent the afternoon training a couple of individuals for one of our laboratories.  Both were very good students and seemed to catch on quickly.  That isn't really surprising considering that one is a Veterinarian and the other a Vet Technician.  Hopefully they felt as good about the training as I did.  Time is the only true test of how well it went.

Being in Nebraska presents one particular challenge for me -- The Omaha World Herald.  The newspaper out of Omaha must be one of the most liberal in the country.  Sometimes I think there is more common sense among the writers of the New York Times than I see in some of the articles in the Omaha paper.  If I was a good journalist I would post specific examples (see yesterday's post) and carefully refute the obviously slanted positions taken by the writers of the articles, but I'm in a lazy mood tonight and don't want to put in the effort, so, I will do like they do and just state an opinion as though it was fact, not research the item carefully but take quotes out of context and "facts" from dubious sources and present them in a way that supports my undisputably correct opinion and then package it in lots of lengthy, run-on sentences that are an attempt to make me sound especially erudite through the use of judiciously sprinkled words that require the "average Joe" to wish he knew what those words meant but is too lazy to seek a Dictionary and look them up and thus remains blissfully ignorant and incorrectly informed into an erroneous opionion based on the lazy journalism of a writer with a leftist agenda that was embedded into their undisciplined brain while attending journalism school in some East-coast, Ivy League, overpriced university.

Did I tell you that it is supposed to snow tonight?  Oh, I forgot. is supposed to snow tonight and possibly continue snowing here through Sunday.  I hope I can get home.  If I can just make it to Kansas it should be a cinch -- but I probably ought to swing by Cabela's before I leave town and see if they have any ruby-red hiking boots just in case.  Clicking the heels on my Ariats probably won't do the job.

Life is good.

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Cimarron said...

Haha. I laughed so hard at this. Hope you can make it home, too.