Friday, February 19, 2010

A Coup in Niger

Things became interesting in the country of Niger today.  I touched base with a friend of mine who lives in Niamey and he indicated that everything is OK.  Below is what he had to say about the coup:

"I'm doing well.The situation is under control.The President lost all his power.The population appreicated the COUP and they are ready to help the military to fullfil the goals of that coup.

The days to come we will go on election to determine who will be the President elect.Tandja is safe and sound.The military is making sure he will not loose his life.That's all I know about the COUP."

It really changes your perspective on things when you've been there.  In fact, the governmental crisis which led to today's coup was of real concern while I was in Niger this past summer.  I pray that a truly free election and good governance will be the result.  That is unlikely in a country where the literacy rate is extremely low and poverty is the norm.

The above photo was taken in a small village about 30 minutes from the capital city of Niamey, Niger, in July, 2009.  It illustrates the poverty of the people.  The scene is from the village market.  (Ignore the Anasari -- white people -- in the picture)

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