Monday, October 26, 2009

Questions for the Reader

As we approach Halloween, I find myself appalled yet, intrigued, by the obsession of our culture with "horror" on television, in the movies and in the decorating of yards. Horror, or extreme fear, sends an adrenaline rush through our bodies that provides a momentary "high" which some find appealing.

I suspect that adrenaline rush is part of the self-preservation mechanisms designed into our bodies. It gives us that extra surge of energy to escape an attacking lion or an enemy. In today's society however, movies, etc., which seek to give us that adrenaline surge, are built around themes of evil. Therefore, I think it an appropriate time to ask some questions.

What is evil?

Is man basically evil or basically good?

If, like many, you believe that man is basically good, from where did evil come?

Please feel free to submit answers to the questions in the comments.


i beati said...

I have to say Chris that the killing of little children for carnal pleasure has gotten to me lately and seeing all the fraud everywhere, including government,I'm beginning to think man is more evil than good.

Barbara Martin said...

People tend to dwell on ego issues of materialism rather than the spiritual. It is this ego that promotes greed.

As for the 'horror' permeating Halloween and movies, the people who participate are looking for a thrill in their mundane lives. I can think of other more enriching activities to fill my life with.