Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trust, Water and Government

Storms once again rumbled across the Southern Plains today. They have brought much in the way of promise but delivered little to my little corner of the world. The rains to the east have been a blessing to others.

This morning our pastor used rain in an illustration. I wish that I had made notes because now I struggle to remember it. I do recall that if a rancher receives a 1 inch rainfall on a section of land (1 square mile or 640 acres), he would receive a total of about 17,378,560 gallons of water. If you owned a home on 1 acre of land, 1 inch of rain would equal about 27,154 gallons of water.

Now, I don't know about you, but I know that my water bill each month -- especially in the summer -- can be significant. I am fortunate that I live in the country and have well water which basically costs the electricity to pump it and the amortized investment in the well and pump along with the average annual repair bill. It is still less than the cost of city water.

I live in an area with about 18 inches of average annual rainfall. I have 4 acres of land. That calculates to 1,955,088 gallons of water that I receive each year on my small acreage. I live approximately 550 miles from the Gulf of Mexico -- the nearest ocean. Our rainfall is typically a function of moisture from the Gulf meeting a cold front coming in from the north.

The average cost of tap water in the U.S. is approximately $1.50/1000 gallons. My expected annual rainfall of 1,955,088 gallons of water would cost me around $2,932 if delivered from my tap at the U.S. average cost. If you considered the fact that the water likely came from the Gulf of Mexico and was purified along the way, you would need to add the cost of a filtration system, a desalinization plant and transportation costs. I won't begin to guess what all of that would cost. The transportation alone is enormous.

The thing that interests me most though, is that God does all of that for free. I wonder then why it is that we trust our government for all of the wonderful services that we enjoy and pay exorbitant prices for them when God can do such amazing things for free....

Maybe instead of putting our trust in the government we should put it in God.


i beati said...

oh yes!!!definitely !~!!!

Barbara Martin said...

I already put my trust in God for everything.