Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fort Williams -- Glasgow, KY

Last week in my Kentucky travels with Neal Odom, we came across Fort Williams in Glasgow. At first glance it appears to be merely a well-tended hill. However, it was the site of a Civil War battle.

Below are photos of the plaques describing the situation, the people and the battle. You can click on the images for a larger view.

The 6-pounder canon below overlooks the cemetery which contains a number of markers honoring individuals who were involved in the battle. The obelisk just to the left of the barrel is a monument to General Joseph H. Lewis, Commander of the Orphan Brigade which defended this site.

As we walked about the hill, it was interesting to note the placement of the artillery pieces. The hill was well defended from all but one approach.

The fortification consists of an earth berm supported by planking on the inside of the wall. A number of gun ports were cut through the bank and stabilized with planking.

Fort Williams was named for General Thomas Williams.


Sandy Kessler said...

never heard of it thanks for taking me along sandy

Barbara Martin said...

This was a nice bit of history to read.

Joseph D. Smith said...

I go there all the time. I live in Glasgow. It's a neat little place, and they say that it is very haunted. I've actually heard shots fired from the cannon, when in all reality it didn't physically go off.

Nice post. Thank you for sharing this.