Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Bovine Disposition

The Bovine Disposition

The bovine was designed by God
To be food for those that prey
That's why his eyes are on the side
So he can see all ways.

He tends to congregate in herds
And follows without thought
The flighty actions of the ones
Who dash in fits and starts

At any sound or movement
That catches their attention.
That's why they're easily gathered
Into pens where they are caught.

They blithely go about the day
Just eating grass or hay
Or lying about and chewing their cud
Content in every way.

They have no powers of reason
So it really makes no sense
To wonder what they're thinking
Because they really can't.

It reminds me of the people
Whose voting majority
Brought into power the leaders
Of the current Administration.

Neither realized that they
Both will soon fall prey
To the predators
Who herd and feed and keep them.


i beati said...

I can only hope sk

Barbara Martin said...

Poetry with a cause. Perfect.