Friday, April 10, 2009

I Was Made Good

I go
About my business
On this day
That we call
Good Friday.

Why is it good?
It is because
On this day
I celebrate
My being made good
Because the Savior of the World

Paid the price for my sin
Long before
I was born.
It is the day on which
Each of us
Was made good

If only
We accept the sacrifice
That Jesus made
On our behalf
And submit ourselves
To Him.

It is
His gift
To us.
We cannot earn it;
We must accept it
In order to receive it.

The assurance
Of our goodness
Lies no longer in the grave
But rose to the heavens
Three days

And yet,
I go about my business
With little thought
To the price
That He paid
For me.

1 comment:

i beati said...

You are not alone-but by today I certainly have thought about it constantly sk