Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Waxed Taxpayers Struggling With Funded Power -- or Some Such Nonsense

You've probably all noticed that I have not waxed poetic in quite some time. How can I compose verse without inspiration? I suppose that I could go with political verse but I've vowed to keep this a clean site. Anyway, I don't use the kind of language that comes into my head when I think about what our government is imposing on us.

Surely I can come up with something though --

The struggle for power
Is fueled by money
From those who would seek influence

So that those who gain power
Will send more money back
To those who funded their struggle

The sad thing is
That the funding is provided
From the losers in the struggle

Namely, the American taxpayers


Barbara Martin said...

And any other country's name can fill the "American" spot, like Canadian.

i beati said...

I try not to let it influence my entire life but it does.I can see way down the road and wonder what the voters were thinking. At any rate I've given it to THE BIG MAN and have faith he'll see us through SOMEHOW>>sk