Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Travels

Phoenix. I spent the week of Jan. 25 to Jan. 31 in Phoenix for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association annual Trade Show and convention. OK, not all of it was for the NCBA Convention, the first couple of days were seminars on BVD (that's bovine viral diarrhea virus for all you non-cattle people).

The economic downturn has affected the cattle industry just like many others across the country. The difference that I see is attitude. Cattle folks have a way of tightening their belt, pulling down their hat and knuckling down to take on whatever comes their way. There is an amazing can-do spirit that sets them apart from many people. I admire their willingness to face adversity and overcome it despite the odds. It's just another storm on the horizon -- OK, not on the horizon anymore.

If you are ever in Phoenix I would highly recommend Donovan's Steak and Chop House. It was outstanding. I would rank it among the very best in the country. Great food, the right level of service, quiet atmosphere and quality through and through.

More travels to come. I'll try and keep you posted.

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Barbara Martin said...

I'm keeping track of your restaurant recommendations for when I get out into cattle country.