Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Year

Once more we come
To the end of a year
And such a year it has been!

Just hold on to your hat
'Cause the things unleashed
May be the worst we've ever seen!

It is a time for reflection,
A time to make plans,
A time to be thankful for friends.

It is a time to decide
Where your priorities lie
As this old year quietly ends.

As you're making your list
Of Resolutions next year
There is one thing you need to include;

That is time for your God --
To "get right" with Him
Because only He seeks your good.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Transitioning to the Season

Only another week and then my travel schedule will slow for a few days around the holidays. I am ready! It seems that I've been going from one Trade Show/Convention to another forever. Yea, I know, it hasn't been quite that bad but what's a good complaint if you can't use it. What's bad is I just looked at January and it appears to be worse!! I don't see more than a two-day break for the entire month. Yee-haww (not)!

It has been good though (the Trade Shows/Conventions) because we have picked up quite a bit of business. That's not necessarily something you expect from such functions. Usually, they are good for starting the process or for developing new relationships, but rarely do you walk away with new business (at least not in my industry).

The other gratifying thing is that our marketing efforts are paying off. Potential customers know who we are. They recognize our name/logo and know what we do. They are seeking us out. That makes it doubly important that I be at all of the industry functions. When they see me there, they know that we are supporting them as well as asking for their business.

My schedule is reflected in my recent posts obviously (or should I have said, lack of posts). It seems that there hasn't been much time to reflect, just to do. When I'm running 9-0, my creativity goes down the tubes.

I need to get back in the creative spirit though -- Christmas requires creativity. It should be a joyful time of family and friends. It should be a time of reflection. Instead, it is usually filled with intense activity trying to get shopping done, programs attended and on and on. I intend to do better this year. I plan on enjoying the holiday season rather than dreading it. It's all about attitude right? (I guess I'm trying to convince myself.)