Friday, May 2, 2008

Thinking Toward Progress

To sit and think
Is sometimes a luxury.
We hurry and rush
From one task to another
Without thinking about
What we are doing or why.

But I've found through the years
That a moment of silence
Reflecting on tasks I must do
Helps me to order
My work for the day
So my efforts will multiply.

It allows me to focus
On what is important
Rather than merely reacting
To whatever crisis
Rears its ugly head
As I go through the course of a day.

So instead of being pulled
Hither and yon
Jumping to the whims of others
I stay on the tasks
That are aimed at my goals
And progress along the way.


Janie said...

Good words, Poet.

Plowing and Sowing said...

I needed to hear that. I am glad that I am not the only one who feels stretched.

The Hermit said...

That's a good philosophy. Takes a huge amount of self discipline to practice it .

WomanHonorThyself said...

To sit and think
Is sometimes a luxury.
true indeed!

H.A. Page said...

Well, stopping to think also lets you think about cowboy hats -- loved your piece on that. I see less and less of them and I love cowboy hats!

The wisdom that comes with silence is something that is very threatened in our world and something that our children, with all of their multi-tasking, might be at risk for. Some schools are teaching meditation even.

There is much to be said - and learned -- from stillness. Only when our hearts and minds are quieted can we be open to possibilities and guidance.

sandyland said...

took me lots of years to learn that

Sandy Kessler said...

2 good ones - a LOT OF faith