Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Congressional Earmarks

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) has posted an interesting commentary on the Earmark Game. Click the link to read the article.

Everyone Loses in the Earmark Game

I agree that many worthy projects are funded through the process of attaching earmark appropriations to spending bills. The problem is exactly that pointed out in the Senator's remarks: "...the system we have now is broken, and it’s not being fixed."

For some time now I have felt that a line-item veto power by the President would be a good method for fixing the problem of Earmarks. I no longer believe it is the appropriate tool. I would like to think that the President would be above wielding such a tool in a political manner, but given the "quality" of the current candidates for that office, I'm not so sure. I can just see a situation in which the political party that holds the White House would receive the benefit of Earmark spending while all others suffer.

I am happy to see that Senator Cornyn is aware that the Earmark issue is one with which the taxpayers and voters at home are concerned. A sincere effort on the part of Congress to stem the abuse and correct the situation would help to begin the process of rebuilding the faith of the American people in our elected officials to represent their best interests.

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The Hermit said...

Earmarks are bad news. But it's the way political hacks pay off political favors back home. I doubt they'll ever allow such a lucrative method of hosing the public to be fixed.