Thursday, March 20, 2008

No Sense At All

To them, it was only a Passover meal. They were good Jews. It was a ritual they had each learned at their homes as they grew and were taught the traditions of their people.

It was a time of feasting. It was a time of fellowship. Why did the teacher seem to be so withdrawn? He seemed preoccupied.

The merry band bantered about the time when the teacher would reveal Himself as the chosen one; the Messiah; the One who would overthrow the Romans and return the Kingdom to the Hebrew people. The chosen people. The sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Who would be greatest?

What is this washing of feet? That was a task for servants not for a leader. He who would be greatest among you will be your servant? It made no sense.

His body? His blood? It is only bread and wine yet the words hammer into the minds and lodge there with all of the other things that He said that made no sense.

Now just where is Judas going?