Thursday, March 6, 2008


Should we choose to entrench ourselves around our convictions and enter into a siege mentality or should we advance from our positions and take the war to the enemy? The question applies to Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran and any other strong-hold of terrorism. It also applies to the cultural war between Christians and anti-Christians.

I originally characterized the war as between Christians and secularism. But upon reflection it is a much broader war. Secularists seem to support every cause imaginable but that of Christianity. They even support the rights of the terrorists to attack the U.S.

Why does it seem that the world is aligned against Christianity and Judaism? Why isn't the world aligned against Islam, or Hinduism, or Buddhism, or Animism, or Scientology, or any of the other so-called religions? Please enlighten me in your comments.

What happens in a siege? Either the attackers give up or the bastion is felled. It is time to leave the castle and take the battle to the enemy.


Anonymous said...

You have asked the right question. There are things around us that we cannot simply understand. I am even amazed of the diversity of religious expressions and the way different religions try to homogenize these expressions. And this amazement created in me a sense of terror when i saw people kill each other because of 'God'. But you know Chris, I still believe in the greatness of humanity and their ability to great things including acts of good.

Sandy Kessler said...


Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

Kebelle and Sandy, thank you for commenting.