Monday, December 10, 2007

Patient Persistence

Patient persistence
Leads to progress
While others in a hurry
Temporarily leap ahead
Before being sidelined for their folly

The lesson could be applied
To business
But I'm talking about
Interstate 40
And a sheet of ice.


Anonymous said...

That's not encouraging. That's the route my family is taking from Georgia to Vancouver next week. We gave up any idea of going the faster , straighter route through the high plains.

Panhandle Poet said...

Hermit: Past experience tells me the northern route is probably the better if there is a chance of ice. Usually this time of year it is just a dry blowing snow to the north. Ice is what made the traffic crawl. The eighteen-wheelers couldn't get up the hills because they couldn't get traction. There were a few stretches that were a parking lot. There were many wrecks. Of course this time of year you never know!

Donald Douglas said...

Be safe out there guys!

Anonymous said...

Poet, I am trying to convince my daughter to just fly back to Vancouver, and then this summer her brother and her mother could drive the car out there on one of his breaks. But she wants a car, and her musical instruments, now. She and her brother get home at around Midnight on Monday,and then leave before Sun rise on Friday. I have to work all the days that week so I will only get to see them in the evenings before I go on to bed. No help for it, though.