Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's That Time of Year

Hustle and bustle,
It's that time of year
When the holiday spirit is free.
We hang up a wreath
And set candles out
Then place presents under a tree.

There's hurry and worry
And shopping to do
With lists that we have to make.
There's all sorts of things
Like candy and pie
And cookies that we need to bake.

We invite over friends
To drink some egg nogg
And talk and laugh by the fire.
But all of this cheer
Just can't do the trick
Of filling our heart's desire.

Love is the thing
That brings us the joy
Of being with family so dear.
And sometimes there's tears
For the ones who are missed
At this special time of year.

In all of our haste
To get everything done
We must not forget the reason.
It is God's only Son
Who came to earth as a babe
That's cause for celebrating the season.


Cimarron said...

We were driving to Lubbock the other night, talking about Emma's picture with Aaron's great Mema, and I realized she'll never have a picture like that with Grandma or Grandpa. It made me really sad. That's one part of this time of year I really don't like...not getting Christmas Eve at their house.

i beati said...

Oh yes thank you for stating so poignantly the real crux of the season- loved it

Anonymous said...

That was lovely...

The Hermit said...

I can't seem to cover all the bases at any time, but this time of year is even worse.