Monday, June 18, 2007

The Piano

There is an old piano
That sits in our house.
It was made around 1903.
It is showing its age
With scratches and scars
And the chips in some of the keys.

It is silent most days
Which brings sadness to me
For none of us here can play.
It was bought for my daughter
Who's married, in school,
And living a few towns away.

I remember when she
Was just learning to play
How she struggled with every note.
And then as she grew
How her hands fairly flew
Making the music to float

Throughout the house.
And I'd listen and listen
And listen some more
Until she grew tired of playing
And had to rest for awhile.
It filled something deep in my core.

Was it pride that caused me
To beg her for more or was
It filling some deeper need?
Was it that I was wishing
That it was me playing
Such beautiful music indeed?

Or was it the music itself
That I craved that drew
Me to beg her to play?
Was it a vicarious
Need that was being filled?
I just can't really say.

Perhaps it was all
Of these things and more
That gave me such a lift.
There is one thing certain;
It must have been God
That granted this beautiful gift.


MotherPie said...

My daughter couldn't bear for us to sell the piano that she loved to play, even though she sort of quit playing long, long ago. So six years ago we moved it and have held it. It cost more to move it than it would have cost her to buy a new used one.

It sits silent. Someday she will want it. Poor piano, being hauled from TX to Atlanta, to NM, and someday to???

MotherPie said...

I bet your grandchild will have those silent keys singing soon enough. Funny how things work that way. Your yearnings will be answered in ways you can't

WomanHonorThyself said... beautiful...I have a guitar which reminds me I ought to dust it off and play a cupla tunes!..nice piece sweet Poet!

Incognito said...

Music is definitely a gift from God. At least some music... :-)
That's why some music can actually bring tears to our eyes.

Texas Red said...

Thank you! It means a lot to hear you say that. I do miss it...more than you know.

Anonymous said...

I loved this one. You are becoming quite the writer/poet my friend.