Thursday, April 12, 2007

Random Thoughts on Immigration

Strengthen our border controls.
When found, return illegals across the border.
Export the jobs right along with the workers --
i.e. don't discourage companies from investing south of the border.
Cheap labor, lower manufacturing cost, better buy for U.S. consumers.
Guest worker program -- strictly enforced and controlled.
U.S. Unions -- tough. It's either jobs here, or jobs there -- which do you prefer?
We either let them in or we export the jobs.
Implement trade incentives tied to anti-corruption measures.
Offer infrastructure loans.
Accelerate economic development and diversification south of the border.
Give them plenty of reasons to stay home.
Don't whine when you can't hire a maid, or a janitor, or a cook, or an agricultural worker, or a packing plant worker, or .... you get the picture.
Offer free travel south for all inner city gang members. No return ticket. Or, implement forced prison labor gangs. While we're solving problems lets solve as many as we can at one time.

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