Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let's Move On

It amazes me how the media (and incidentally the blog world) is so adept at "flogging a dead horse." It's time to let Imus get on with his life. He certainly can't recover the missing brain cells destroyed in his youth. Just like the way the media won't let go of that gal that OD'd down in the Bahamas -- what was her name? -- oh, yeah, Anna Nicole. Let it go. We quit caring about the story a long time ago. The important items of the day are quickly relegated to the back page and the current "dirt" is continually in the headlines. The entire media-ocracy (maybe that should be mediocrity) is turning into a giant tabloid. These tragic stories should evoke sadness for wasted lives, but the objects certainly shouldn't be turned into international icons of celebrity. Let's move on.

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MotherPie said...

The reaction is so swift and the tabloid creates a ratings furor that the correct "pr response" is to "take action immediately" so -- like the Duke "rape" case, you have the coach fired, the lacross players on scholarship going to other schools, seasons cancelled and now... the truth comes out and many lives are ruined in the process.

Sometimes the "dead horse" creates a lot of "dead bodies" in the process but the truth of the matters unfold with time, deeper review and in little driblets. By the time the truth can be told, the media and the public is onto the latest hot story of the moment.

And... history is forgotten and the truth is lost in the process.