Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hamburger and Fries

I like hamburgers.
They may not be health food,
But I like them.
I prefer them to be made
In the least healthy way;
I like them fried.
Fried on a griddle
And fry the bun too;
Just a little bit toasty
And a little bit greasy.
I like my burgers
California style
With some avocado,
Or I like them
New Mexico style
With grilled Chile peppers,
Or I like them
Texas style
With jalapenos on them.
I like hamburgers.
I prefer bread-and-butter pickles
Instead of the dill
I don't care for onion
Or lettuce but
I do like tomato --
Big, juicy slices of tomato
Fresh from the garden
That cover the meat
My burgers don't have to be fried,
I'll take them
Cooked on the grill outdoors
Or from under the broiler
With Tobasco Sauce
And Seasoned Salt
To spice them up a little.
I like hamburgers.
And while you're at it
I'll take a side of fries.


Texas Red said...

I'm sorry, but this post made me incredibly hungry!

Anonymous said...

I love to eat my hamburger while sitting across from a really good friend, having really good conversation. Oh, and by the way, pass the ketchup and let's share those fries! Yum-O!