Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Guitar and Drum

Tonight I had an interesting diversion. I've played the guitar and sang for about the past forty years. During my college days, I actually earned a little money doing so. Over the course of time though, I haven't really kept up my skills and rarely do I play in public anymore. A friend of mine the same age that I am, bought a drum set about a year ago and has been learning to play them. He has been "dying" to have someone come and "jam" with him. I consented to do so a few weeks ago because I remember how badly I always wanted someone to "jam" with when I started playing the guitar. Tonight we were finally able to fit it into our schedules. To make the story short, we had a blast. It was just good old fashioned fun. We may make it a regular weekly event. It would be nice if we could get some others to join us though!


Incognito said...

How cool! Maybe you can get some extra weekend cash!

Texas Red said...

good for you, daddy. i miss getting to hear you play the guitar.