Saturday, March 31, 2007

Shopping, Not Buying

Shopping wears me out.
Now don't get me wrong,
I can buy with the best of 'em.
It's the shopping that's hard.
You look and you look
And then drive someplace else
And you look and you look
And still no decision is made.
Things that I would reject
In less than a heartbeat
Get looked at and talked about
And critiqued and discussed
Until I'm thinking, "let's move on,
We already know this isn't it!"
Yet, we keep looking and shopping --
Not buying at all. It makes me tired
And I struggle to maintain
A good attitude about the process
That is involved in deciding.
Me -- I like to make a quick tour
And assemble ideas for later processing at home,
Or while doing something else.
I can make up my mind a lot better
Without continuing to add to the clutter
By looking and looking and looking
And looking and looking and --
I think you get the message.
Shopping is not my thing.
It makes me tired.
I get grouchy.
Narrow it down for me.
I'm a buyer, not a shopper.
Is that a male thing?

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