Friday, March 9, 2007

The Salesman

Over 1,500 miles from home
The master salesman is practicing his art.
He has carefully laid the ground work
By weeks ago, sending out his meticulously prepared material.
It was followed more recently by
A telephone call and a series of e-mails to set
The ever-important next contact because he knows
That the more contact he can make with you the better his chance.
Calls of confirmation precede the
Culmination of weeks of preparation for the lunch meeting.
Pleasantries are exchanged and past encounters reminded to
Increase the "stickiness" of the meeting so that guards are lowered.
The case of secrets is kept carefully closed
And the items of interest sealed until the meal is consumed
Over questions that probe the needs, desires and situation so that
The pitch can be placed perfectly on the high and inside corner where
Its temptation is greatest.
The competitive situation is assessed while never
Stating anything negative yet always raising questions that say
You are much better than them.
Artfully, the likely objections are dealt with
In the presentation before they are raised
So that they fade into irrelevancy before the final pitch is made.
"Would you be willing to test it for me?"
"I'm sure that any feedback you can provide would be invaluable!"
"If you will just take this on a trial basis, I'm sure you will see
How much improvement it will bring to your operation!"
"There's no risk on your part. How soon can I ship it?"
No product, or money are exchanged, but
Agreement is made, and hands are clasped
That the next step in the chain will proceed.
He has done his job well.

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