Monday, March 26, 2007

Remodeling Estimates

Thinking the kitchen is in need of remodeling
We put out a request for quotes.
The funds we had set aside look kind of small
And the timeframe to do it remote.
The first problem is getting a contractor to call
Because there seems to be no lack of work
And our little project is such a small fish
The message elicits a smirk.
But when we can get one to come take a look
And he makes lots of marks on his pad,
My heart starts to rise way up in my throat
And my bride starts to look kind of sad.
All of those "little" things we wanted to do
Suddenly don't look so small.
With calculator smoking he taps on the keys
And we know that our dreams are too tall.
So we start cutting back on some of the things
That weren't all that important to us
Until the number is falling quite nicely in line
And we wonder what caused all the fuss.
We settle for something much less than we planned
But costs less than the first total now.
And although we only get half what we want
Its price is twice what our budget allows.

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