Monday, March 19, 2007

One Man's Treasure...

The sign said,
"Going out of Business Sale"
So, we stopped
Because we like antiques
And that was what the other sign said.
In a former use it was
A boarding house
But now it contained
Leftovers from estate sales,
Yard sales,
Any kind of sales that
Had items long past their prime
That might be considered collectibles
Or maybe vintage
And rarely antique.
The memories rose from the
Stacks and shelves and piles
Like ghosts of the former boarders
That once occupied the 23 rooms
While they sought a living
In the oil boom town
Long deflated.
It was a pleasant hour of
Strolling and looking
And laughing and
Figuring out what the use might have been
Of some strange utensil.
The books always intrigue
But they were well picked over
And nothing caught my eye
That didn't already occupy
A place at home.
It was interesting looking at
The items that
To the former owners
Were treasures I'm sure
But to me were just

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