Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Movie and a Sermon

We watched a movie this evening called Flyboys. It was about American volunteers who flew in the French Escadrille in World War I prior to the American entry into the war. It was an excellent movie. I would highly recommend it.

Sundays around our house are usually a day of rest. The mornings are filled with church activities, but the afternoons are usually for naps. I had a good, long one today. Tonight, at church, we had a fill-in speaker since our pastor was out of town. I really enjoyed listening to him. He pastored a number of churches after a lengthy military career before retiring here. He has some very interesting stories to tell both from his service in the military and from the various small churches that he pastored. Tonight he talked about experiencing God's abundance fully. Too often, we settle for a life of "near joy". We need to look for God working around us and seek to experience His working in our lives. When we do, we will dine on steaks, not hotdogs. (That was the very condensed version.)

I think he's right. Sometimes, it is in the worst of times that we experience God's abundance the most. Too often, when things are going well, we forget about Him and think about how well we are doing. It's Him all along. It's just that when we aren't fully dependent on Him, we don't experience Him. I don't know if that makes sense, but I know that it's true from experience. God is in control. I personally prefer the steak to hotdogs.

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