Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fresh Cookies

The sound of a mixer running in the kitchen definitely perks up my ears. I know that soon something delicious will come out of the bowl. Beginning to get restless, I decide to go see what's cooking. I go to the refrigerator, get out the pitcher and pour a glass of ice cold tea and casually look over to see what recipe is laying on the cabinet. Ah, chocolate chip cookies, one of my favorites. The dough isn't quite ready, so I hang around a bit, finding excuses to be there. Then, "would you like a bite of dough?" I reply with a grin and take the proffered bite, and go back for another, and another. I've got to quit, or I won't want any cookies. So, I head for the computer to see what's in the e-mail. It doesn't take long until that heavenly smell begins to drift through the house. I can't wait. Nothing beats fresh, homemade cookies -- except maybe the dough.

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