Thursday, March 22, 2007

Catching ZZZ's

Often in the darkest night
When thoughts are whirling 'round
Of conversations and events
That passed throughout the day
I question what and why and how
And if and even say
To myself, "did I handle that
The way I should?"
Sleep remains a sought for goal
That slips just beyond my reach
Until it finally occurs to me that
I shouldn't question each and every
Thing in such detail but rest in
Knowing that God is in control
And it really doesn't matter
Whether what I said or did was
Exactly right because in all
Those things He works for my good
And for the good of all who love Him
And seek Him with all of their heart.
In that comforting, enveloping knowledge
I peacefully fall asleep.

1 comment:

CDO said...

Had a night that way this week. However, due to a steroid shot for alergies, the sleep did not come. Oddly enough, I rested almost all night peacefully, without sleeping. That is different from many times from tossing and turning nights. That really helped me understand who is in control! When rest can come even if sleep doesn't.