Thursday, March 29, 2007

Burn On

Perfection is a desire that lies within
Only the elect few. It is an expression
Of our reach for more because there
Is deep inside, a longing that is not
Fulfilled by the ordinary. To exceed
The norm becomes the norm as the
Drive is intensified with the adrenaline
Rush of success and the adulation of
The crowd or the satiation of the
Fire that drives our behavior --that
Is our passion. To find one's passion
Is something that few experience
Because the settled-for existence of
The survival struggle dampens the
Flame until the faint glow of remembered
Embers is all that remains unless fanned
And fueled and nurtured. The burn,
Once brought to flame continually seeks
More fuel to consume as it spreads
Outward in the never-ending quest
To quench. There is always more,
Always better, always bigger, always
A new venue in which to play until
The energy is released and only
The ashes remain. Burn on my friend.

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