Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back to Work Tomorrow

The hardest part of vacation
Is going back to work
And that's exactly what I've got to do.
So, even if my mind is still
Somewhere in South Texas
And yeah, on deep sea fishing too,
I've got to put those things behind
And focus on the job
Because tomorrow it's back to work once more.
I've got to make a trip
Up into Southwest Kansas
And the driving up will be a boring chore
In which I'm sure my mind will wander
Back out to the Gulf
Where I'll think of hooking to a big ol' fish
Out on the peaceful ocean
With the waves gently lapping
Is quite likely just exactly what I'll wish.
But maybe by the time
That I reach my destination
The readjustment will have taken place
So that I'm geared and ready
For the task that is at hand
That tonight I just don't want to face.
But, come to think about it
I guess that I'm already
Partially back on track to do the job
Just look here at the subject
That was chosen for my entry
For the last day of vacation to my blog!

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