Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Getting Serious

There are a lot of weighty things going on in this old world.  If I began a list of them here, it would stretch for page after page (or, is that screen after screen?).  When I allow myself to dive into thoughts of all that is going on I become angry, or depressed, or I choose to "wall myself off" and focus on less weighty things. 

But, the relevant question is, "If not me, then who?"

Nothing gets "fixed" until good people step up and work to improve the situation.  But, can I really do anything about ISIS, or children starving in India, or ocean degradation, or drug and human trafficking, or any of the myriad other issues haunting this world?  Well, yeah, I can.  What I mean is, although I can't "fix" them by myself, I can effect positive change in some or all of those issues.

"How?" you might ask. 

By doing all that I can each day to make a positive difference in the life of someone.

The above statement sounds a bit like a mantra from secular humanism.  We hear it in slogans such as "Pay it forward."  They are great slogans and, if humanity was primarily benevolent, they might ultimately make a positive difference.  Hmmm.....back to ISIS.  I don't think there is anything benevolent about them.

The reality is that unless the nature of the person is changed, nothing changes.  The only power that can truly change us is the power of Jesus Christ.  I pray that you will seek Him with all of your heart. 

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