Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cattle Working Facility

Yesterday I posted about Progress.  One of the things that I mentioned was the progress on our new corrals/vet barn.  I thought today a few photos might be in order.

The support posts have been set for the roof of the structure that will cover the working area.

The pile of sand is for mixing the concrete foundation for the Vet Shack and chute/scales.

Here are the forms for the foundation/floor of the Vet Shack.

I ordered all of the corral panels and chute from Priefert.  The chute/scales, etc. will be under the roof so we can work cattle even in the rain.

When we unloaded all of these in the late evening about 1 1/2 weeks ago, we just stacked them as best we could near the area where we planned to build the facility.
It's good to see some progress at the place.  It won't be long now before we will be ready to start turning out cattle.
I will try to occasionally post a few pictures of what is happening out there.

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