Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Have you ever noticed
All the things you do
Are the same as yesterday;
There's not much new?

We get out of bed
Then shower and dress,
Eat a bite
Then spread some stress.

We go to work,
Get our coffee cup,
Head down the hall
To fill it up.

We check e-mail
And then Facebook,
Look at the calendar
Then take another look.

Go to meeting one
Then meeting two,
It's the same old things
There's nothing new.

Then off to lunch
With the same old crowd.
Head to the local dive
Where it's nice and loud.

The afternoon
Is much the same;
Around and round
It's just a game.

Head home from work,
Do some laundry,
Fix some food
And watch t.v.

Just like Spring,
Summer, Winter and Fall,
The cycle goes;
On a treadmill, all.

I wonder if
We changed something
If the sky would open
And the birds would sing?

We can't expect
A single thing new
If it's all the same,
These things we do.

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