Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Really Wanted to Get Political

This Sunday morning I am finally sitting down after a couple of weeks break to write another post.  There is much that needs to be addressed regarding the political scene in this country but, I think I will leave that for another day.  I must admit though, that it is tempting.

Instead, I want to focus on the approach of Thanksgiving. 

I have never been much on holidays and yet, Thanksgiving was always a special time to me.  When I was a youngster it always signaled quail hunting.  It was a time of family being together and eating too much food.  It was a time of transition because it often was accompanied by a blast of cold air from the North that brought traces of snow.  In other years, it might be warm with lingering hints of summer.

Thanksgiving was a time of cattle on wheat and corn pasture instead of summer grass.  It was a time of completion for the cotton harvest.  It was a time when my grandfather used to go deer hunting in the Hill Country -- and I always wanted to go with him but, wasn't big enough.  Quail hunting was the consolation I suppose.

Thanksgiving meant pecan pies and pumpkin pies (not my favorite) and turkey with giblet gravy for the mashed potatoes.  It was green bean casserole and cranberry sauce and other specialties that each of the family cooks was known for.  It was kids being kids, men watching football and (yes, we were very traditional) women cooking and then cleaning up the dishes. 

Tradition.  That's the word.  Thanksgiving was always tradition and it revolved around family.

What should Thanksgiving mean?  I think that we weren't far off in how we celebrated and continue to celebrate even today.  I do think that most have lost connection with the things that created that celebration.  There are many people who no longer understand the cycles of farming and ranching that they have completely lost touch with where our food comes from. 

Thanksgiving is a celebration of the harvest.  The hard work of tilling, planting and cultivating the fields finally culminates in the harvest.  Thanksgiving celebrates the bounty of the fruit of our labor.  It is a time for thanking God for the bringing in of the crops to the storehouse so that the "lean times" of winter would be lessened by what was grown.

This year, I have the privilege of harvesting the fruits of our first year of our small cattle operation.  The calves are going to town to be sold at auction on Wednesday of next week.  It is one week and a day prior to the day we celebrate Thanksgiving.  My children and grandchildren and in-laws will be coming in for a few days as well.  This will truly be a traditional Thanksgiving at our house this year....except, we plan a meal of beef instead of turkey.


Willy said...

Dominoes or cards in the afternoon with your dad always winning.

I miss your Grandma's Cooking.

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

42 or 84 or Spades. Yep, some mighty good cooking.