Thursday, January 3, 2013

More on Twitter

I'm kind of liking this Twitter thing.  I frequently have a "brilliant" thought in response to things that I see and read on the Internet.  They usually just evaporate like those "brilliant" ideas that I have at 3:00 a.m. that are irretreivably lost to the dreamworld.  With Twitter I can just respond instantly.  I can see how it might be annoying to someone following me.  It is the opportunity for a "gut" reaction that isn't always as considered as it should be.

I'm even figuring out how to add attribution and hashtags so that I can attract followers.  I have been doing this a little over 24 hours now and have 21 followers.  I don't know if that is good or mediocre or just downright pitiful, but, they're MY 21 followers and I'm proud to have them.  I wonder if I should set a goal?  OK, might as well.  I will shoot for 50 followers by this time next week.  Who knows?

K-State and Oregon are playing on the television as I sit here with my laptop.  I'm hardly paying any attention to it.  Oregon is leading but I think K-State will make up the deficit.  There's plenty of game left to play.

I don't even feel like Tweeting about the game.  I'm more concerned with what's going on in Washington.  I'm thinking it may be time to pull out of the stock market and convert to something else.  Any suggestions?

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