Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Anticipation fills the air
And fires the hearts of men
With hope and love and family
And times without a care;

Remembrances of childhood time
With laughter, food and fun
And peeking 'neath the Christmas tree
For any telltale sign

Of what beneath the wrappings lay;
Delights of Christmas morn
So near and yet so far away
Awaiting break of day.

Jesus in the manger fast asleep,
Unnoticed on the shelf;
Mary and Joseph standing watch
With Shepherds and their sheep.

While towering o'er the manger scene
Is dancing Santa Claus
Proclaiming loudly, "Ho, Ho, Ho!"
When someone pulls his string

Somehow I think that our delight
Is empty -- without meaning
As we focus on the things of earth
Ignoring God's Holy Light.

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