Sunday, February 26, 2012

Clear Skies

It is nice to get out early in the morning when the sky is clear and the stars are bright and watch the light slowly begin to spread from the Eastern horizon.  This time of year it is usually crisp and cold with only a gentle breeze if any. 

I am in Nebraska this morning.  The Platte River runs just a short distance from my motel and the noise of the geese starting their day makes for a pleasant sound in opposition to the roar of trucks passing on the Interstate.  Where I am staying is on the edge of where the great flyways merge and the number of geese is astounding.  Over the past few days I have seen waves of snow geese in both the white and blue phase and even larger waves of both greater and lesser Canada geese. 

Some years ago we lived in Nebraska and I recall there were times that the great flocks of geese looked like smoke on the horizon they were so numerous.  I have not seen them in those kind of numbers this year but I also am not at the center of the great migratory path in the sky.

I guess that here the skies are not truly clear.  They are filled with birds slowly working their way back to the north after their winter vacation in warmer climes.  With that in mind I must say that I hope our skies are never truly clear. 


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