Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hearing Impaired

My frustration with the younger generations continues to grow each day.  It seems they are constantly doing things to annoy me.  I don't know if it is just the general rudeness that has crept into our society or if there is something more pernicious involved.  It is tempting to think at times that it is actually a conspiracy aimed solely at me.

Something that really bothers me are the endless subtle references to my age.  What is going on?  You would think I was ancient or something.  They keep referring to me as Mr. and not by my first name.  They offer me their chair and comment something about how tired I must be.  I have even heard the words, "Let me help you with that sir," or something similar.  It is just plain rude.

But, the thing that really gets to me most is the constant whispering and mumbling.  You would think their parents would have taught them it is rude to whisper in front of -- or behind -- someone.  Apparently not these youngsters.  I find myself constantly having to say something like, "Speak up!"

I don't know what is going on with people my own age either.  They are constantly yelling at each other.  When I go to visit one upon occasion I can hardly hear what they're saying though because they keep their television turned up to an unbearable level.  They must be getting hard of hearing or something! 

Not me though.  I can still hear just as well as I did thirty years ago -- well, except maybe in my right ear.  It must have been affected by all the shooting I did when I was younger.  Too bad we didn't wear ear protection back then. 

Of course my left ear wouldn't have been affected by that.  It makes me wish sometimes we drove on the opposite side of the road like the British.  That way the steering wheel would be on the right and I wouldn't have to continually comment to any passengers about their mumbling.  I'm certain I could make out what they were saying if they sat to my left.

Or, maybe not.  It might just be that my ears aren't what they used to be.......

I wonder what I'm going to post will be time for the letter "I" in this series.  Suggestions anyone??