Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cargo Shorts

I'm not one to wear short pants
For me it's boots and jeans,
But sometimes in the summer months
It's just too hot it seems.

So I got some cargo shorts
With pockets everywhere;
They're fairly long and only worn
At home where I don't care

Who might see my pale white legs
That connect me to my feet
That sometimes sport some sandals
To make my outfit complete.

But, yesterday, it seemed the thing
As I worked out in the yard
To wear those shorts and sandals
While toiling oh, so hard

Beneath the beautiful sky so blue
With high thin clouds above
And of course the crazy wind
That I have grown to "love".

And I kept thinking through the day
These shorts ain't too bad!
They're so much cooler than the jeans
I'm known for since a lad.

But last night when I took a shower
My legs and feet did sting
That until the water hit my hide
Felt fine as anything.

And now I see them red as beets,
Not legs so much as feet,
In funny splotches patterned by
Those sandals and the heat.

And I remember why I don't
Wear shorts out in the sun.
The sunburn there upon my skin
Really isn't fun.....

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