Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring's Blessed Curses

Springtime is the time of year
When the earth is clothed anew
In a colorful arrangement
Topped off with skies so blue.

The birds begin to sing again
And trees burst forth in leaf,
Flowers spring from in the earth
With colors beyond belief.

The cool breeze blowing 'cross the land
Spreads pollen far and near
Creating life in blooming plants
And fruit to bring us cheer.

But springtime brings us other things
Like floods and hail and such
That we who live upon the earth
Don't care for all that much.

And that pollen bringing life anew
Creates for some of us
A runny nose and itching eyes
That make us want to cuss.

And growing things create work,
To prevent spreading out of hand,
Like mowing yards and trimming trees
And hoeing weeds upon the land.

And in the home there is no rest
For cleaning there must be
In closets and places you would think
Should be completely dust free.

It is a blessing, yes indeed,
This Springing forth anew;
But, with the blessing comes the curse
Of a million things to do!

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i beati said...

ahh but i love it