Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Relevant Reminder

Relevance is something we all seek but, very few find.  We all want to make a difference -- to be noticed -- recognized.  Most seek it in their accomplishments.  It's like the little kid on the bicycle saying, "Look at me!"

What makes one relevant?  It truly is making a difference.  The trouble is, most seek to make a difference by what they do.  The truly relevant make a difference in those around them.  They pour their lives into others.

I was reminded of that today.


i beati said...

good stuff- quite relevant

jbboren said...

I love the ones that make me think.

I have a related blog post in my pile of, 'write this one next week' posts that is will be called something like, The sin in the search for significance...if I can ever flesh it out.